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15inch Precision Polishing Machine for up to one 8inch or three 4inch wafers Uni-1502

Product Description

The UNI-1502 automatic precision grinding and polishing machine is equipped with a Φ381mm grinding and polishing disc and three processing stations, which can be used for grinding and polishing flat surfaces ≤ Φ110mm. It is suitable for grinding and polishing samples of crystals, ceramics, metals, glass, rock samples, ore samples, PCB boards, infrared optical materials etc.It is an ideal grinding and polishing equipment for scientific research.

Technical Parameter

Model No.Uni-1502
Power SupplyAC220V/50Hz; 410W
Main Axis speed
Position3 working postion
Supporting arm swinging frequency0~9 times/min
Precision Rotating Plate Run-off< 5 micron
Grinding Plate sizeΦ381mm
Sample holder plate sizeΦ110mm

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