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SN1200-GSL60B 1200 degree Double Zone Tube Furnace

Product Description

SN1200-GSL60B is a  compact and energy saving split double heating zone tube furnace with a max. working temperature of 1150°C. Built-in precision temperature controller can provide up to 30 segments of heating and cooling steps with +/- 1 °C accuracy.Two heating zone is controlled seperately by two PID controller.Each singel heating zone length is 220mm. The furnace include a OD100*1000mm quartz tube,vacuum flange and refractory ceramic blocks and manual book for immediately using

Technical Parameter

Product NameSplit Double Heating Zone Tube Furnace
Item No.SN1200-GSL60B
Chamber MaterialHigh purity Al2O3 fibrous insulation with Max. energy saving.
Heating ElementFe-Cr-Al Alloy Doped by Mo
Limted Temperature1200℃
Max Working Temperature≤1150℃
Heating Rate≤20℃/min(suggestion:10℃/min)
Heating Zone Length220+220mm
Constant Zone Length130+130mm
Tube Material/SizeHigh Purity Quartz Tube Φ60*1000mm
Sealing MethodStainless Steel Vacuum Sealing Flange
Temperature ControlPID automatic control via solid state relay with 30 steps programmable.
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Power Supply220V  50Hz
Rated Power5.0KW
AccessoriesQuartz tube 1pc;Vacuum Sealing Flange 1set;Sealing O-ring 6pcs;Thermal Block 4pcs,Glove 1pair;Hook 1pc;Crucible 1pc; Manual book 1pc.

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