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500W Ultrasonic Cutting Machine HUC-500T

Product Description

Main Application:

  • It is suitable for cutting thick, thick, long and other materials that are not convenient to set up cutting boards. Such as the slitting of raw rubber output from a rubber mixing machine,

  • Tube cutting, frozen meat, candy, chocolate cutting, printed circuit board, or handheld cutting machine, etc.

  • In order to meet the needs of embossing and cutting, add a cylindrical flower wheel on the cutting board to cut changes endless patterns, low cost and high efficiency. This cutting method is suitable for cutting thin sheet materials,such as various trademarks, clothing lace, cloth cutting, decorative beads cutting, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, non-woven fabrics,man-made resin, paper, film cutting, slitting, etc.

Technical Parameter

Model: HUC-500T

Power supply: 85-240V/50-60Hz

Net power output: 500W

Nominal frequency: 24KHz, real-time display (19-26KHz sweep frequency automatic tracking)

Timer: 1min~99H can be set

Power adjustment: 1%—100%, 1% progressive

Temperature setting: 0—300℃, 1℃ progressive

User program: 10 groups (can be set, can be stored, working status can be viewed in real time)

Pulser: closed loop, open loop, 1S~60min can be set

Operation mode: Pulse, Time, continuous

LCD screen: color touch screen, resolution: 400×240

Operating language: English

Main interface display parameters: ultrasonic output power, frequency, working mode, user group, setting keys, equipment operating status, start/close, equipment operating parameter details key

You can view the running interface display: total running time, working time, stop time, user group, overload temperature, power output ratio, working mode, program save key

Piezoelectric variable frequency energy converter configuration: piezoelectric variable frequency energy converter, CV33, PZT lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramics

Diameter: 43mm

Total length of ultrasonic probe: 255mm

Standard configuration horn: aluminum alloy material: T1—6AL—4V

Ultrasonic cutter material: titanium alloy, die steel (recommended die steel)

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