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Ultrasonic Constant Temperature Reactor CH-1L

Product Description

Main Application:

The ultrasonic constant temperature reactor integrates ultrasonic function, stirring function, emulsification function, constant temperature function, and other functions. It is a reactor solution for modular integration of dispersed mixed materials.

Principle of Ultrasonic Constant Temperature Reactor

Ordinary reactors use mechanical stirring for the powdering, dispersion, mixing or reaction of powdery substances in the liquid phase, and the processing time and process will be very long, especially for the dispersion of solid particles with a diameter of less than 10um in the liquid. Because the mixing rate and mass transfer rate of the particles in the stirring process have reached the limit value and become constant, at this time, even if the stirring rate is strengthened, the reaction will not be improved.

Ultrasonic reactor is the use of agitator and dispersing machine to achieve the effect of pretreatment, and then use the multiple interactions of ultrasonic dispersion, powdering, activation, etc., its effect can destroy the solvent structure, improve the reaction activity, disperse the powdered particles, and make it linear. Further shrink. Field experiments have proved that the ultrasonic reactor has a significant effect on the ultra-fine powder and nano-dispersion of the powdery substance in the liquid phase, and it can also be used for the reaction, emulsification and homogeneous reaction of the powdery substance. Play a role in accelerating the reaction.

The main function of the ultrasonic reactor is to accelerate the dispersion of materials and the reaction time under vacuum, so that the materials can be dispersed more carefully without bubbles.

Technical Parameter

  • Model: CH-1L

  • Power source: 220V/50/60Hz

  • Small mixing volume: 300ml

  • Small amount of emulsification: 500ml

  • Maximum processing capacity: 1000ml

  • Maximum working temperature: 120° (optional 250°C )

  • Heating method: water bath, oil bath circulation

  • Reachable vacuum: -0.096Mpa (positive pressure optional)

  • Maximum processing viscosity: 70000CP (130000CP ultra-high viscosity optional)

  • Mixer power: 120W

  • Mixer speed: 0~200rpm (super high speed optional)

  • Blade configuration: anchored wall scraping stirring blade (screw belt type optional)

  • Scraper material: silicone rubber (PTFE hard scraper is optional)

  • Emulsification homogenizer power: 500W

  • Rotating speed of emulsifying homogenizer: 10000~28000rpm

  • Emulsification working head model: 20BCS

  • Ultrasonic power: 20KHZ

  • Ultrasonic probe diameter: standard 13mm, 8/13/16/20/25mm (optional)

  • Ultrasonic capacity: 300~1000ml

  • Reactor lid opening: homogenizer port + feeding port + temperature measurement port + vacuum port + ultrasonic port + 2 spare ports

  • Bracket lifting method: electric lifting (manual option)

  • Support lifting formation: 230mm

  • Contact material material: SUS316L stainless steel + PTEF + borosilicate glass laminated container

  • Reactor body material: borosilicate glass sandwich container (SUS316L stainless steel container is optional)

  • Outer diameter of vacuum port: 10mm

  • Interlayer inlet and outlet: 12mm

  • Outer size: 460×410×900mm

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