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PZ-300LI Split Type Ultrasonic Processor for 0.1-200ml

Product Description

Ultrasonic homogenizer has widely usage.


Ultrasonic processor, or we can call it ultrasonic cell disruption system,Ultrasonic Cell Crusher, extraction apparatus, dispersing apparatus, homogenizer, or emulsifier. It is one of the common equipment for sample pretreatment in laboratory. It is widely used in the fields below:Preparation of composite materials (nanomaterial dispersion)Life sciences (cell disruption and extraction)Pharmaceutical ( extraction of medicinal herbs and other plants)Environmental science (extraction of soil organic matter)Sewage Treatment (COD degradation)Homogeneous blending (accelerated dissolution, chemical reaction synthesis, oil-water emulsification)

Technical Parameter

Power supply85-260V/50-60Hz
Ultrasonic power300W
Nominal frequency20KHz(Real-time display frequency)
Timer1Min~99H can be setting
Power regulation1%—100%;precision:1%
Temperature setting0—300℃;precision:1℃
User program10 groups (can be set, can be stored, working status can be viewed in real time)
Pulse interval time1S~60Min can be set and saved
Operating modePulse、Time、Continuous
LCD screen7-inch color touch screen, resolution: 800×480
Operating languageEnglish
Main interface display parameters Power ratio, frequency, working mode, user group, setting key, equipment operating status, start/stop, equipment operating parameter details key
Run interface displayTotal running time, working time, stop time, Overload temperature and real-time temperature、Power output ratio, operating mode, back and pause
Host size440x248x251mm
Soundproof box size252x240x455mm

Ultrasonic probe parameters

Standard Configuration of probeTitanium alloy :T1—6AL—4V
Tip diameter(probe equipped)3mm
Handling capacity0.1-200ml
Cable length150cm
Optional probe diameters (mm)Φ1.5,Φ2,Φ6

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