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CH-2000FX Constant Temperature Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Product Description

Constant temperature ultrasonic homogenizer is a new type of ultrasonic homogenization, extraction and extraction device that applies modern ultrasonic technology and combines intelligent low temperature and constant temperature system. The ultrasonic secondary effect of the instrument is more conducive to the full mixing and smooth reaction of the reactants than the general phase transfer catalysis and mechanical stirring, and it can also meet the requirements of different customers for the reaction temperature. Ultrasonic technology has gradually entered the chemical laboratory as a physical catalysis method, and is currently widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, colleges and universities and scientific research laboratories.

Application field

• Extraction of organic halides in textiles by ultrasonic technology 

• Research on auxiliary extraction of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine

• Preparation of nanomaterials 

• Research on properties of stored grain fumigant

• Enables sufficient diffusion and extraction of various granular agents 

• Allows titanium oxide to be fully diffused and integrated in water or solution

• Diffusion of various salt solutions in soil to facilitate plant uptakeFeatures

• High efficiency Ultrasonic technology, magnetic stirring system combined with constant temperature control system make the reaction more sufficient

• Intelligent storage can set data, and control working status

• Intelligent According to the reaction environment, the frequency can be automatically tracked to automatically achieve the best ultrasound effect

• Flexible parameters Adjustable ultrasonic power, time and reaction temperature

Technical Parameter

Power supply85-260V/50-60Hz
Ultrasonic power2000W
Nominal frequency19-26KHz
Timer1S-60min can be setting
Power regulation1%—100%;precision:1%
Temperature setting0—100℃;precision:1℃
User program10 groups (can be set, can be stored, working status can be viewed in real time)
Pulse interval time1S~60Min can be set and saved
Operating modePulse、Time、Continuous
LCD screen7-inch color touch screen, resolution: 800×480
Operating languageEnglish
Main interface display parameters Power ratio, frequency, working mode, user group, setting key, equipment operating status, start/stop, equipment operating parameter details key
Run interface displayTotal running time, working time, stop time, Overload temperature and real-time temperature、Power output ratio, operating mode, back and pause
Pump speed12L/min
Cooling Power350W
Stirring methodMagnetic stirring
Stirring speed0-1500rpm

Ultrasonic probe parameters

Standard Configuration of probeTitanium alloy :TC4
Tip diameter(probe equipped)20mm
Handling capacity15L
Tank Depth150-180mm

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