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Drawer type UV Cleaner with Bottom Heating Plate-UC100-H

Product Description

The drawer type UV light cleaning machine UC100-H is suitable for cleaning up to 8 inch wafers, such as liquid crystal panels, ITO conductive film glass, optical glass, OLED, LCD, silicon wafers, ceramics, metal sheets, polymers, silica gel, etc. , Used to clean the surface organic matter of the product, that is, surface modification, so as to obtain better hydrophilicity.

Product features and advantages:

  • Use an integrated embedded control system

  • Comes with accidental touch function during work

  • Ergonomic use

  • LCD digital display text interaction

  • Stepless adjustment of substrate irradiation height

  • Small size, withdrawable cleaning chamber

Technical Parameter

Product parameters:

  • Rated voltage: AC200V, 50Hz;

  • Lamp power: 200W

  • Effective lamp life: >3000h;

  • Lamp shape: G type

  • Lamp spectrum: 184nm, 254nm;

  • Cleaning area: up to 8 inches

  • Irradiation height: 20-70mm adjustable;

  • Heating Temperature:Rm~300 degree

  • Air volume speed adjustment: 5-level speed adjustment

  • Continuous cleaning time: 99.99h;

  • Product weight: 15Kg

  • Dimension:330mm(W)*420mm(D)*315mm(H)

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