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1200 degree Tube Furnace with Vacuum Pump 3 Channel MFC Gas Station T1260A-3Z

Product Description

The 1260A-3Z tube furnace workstation consists of a 1200X series tube furnace, a precision mass flow gas control station, a rotary vacuum station, and other assembling parts. The max. working temperature of this workstation is 1200°C. The ultimate vacuum rate goes to 10Pa

Technical Parameter

Tube Furnace

Double-layer steel casing with air cooling.

Built-in thermostat to control Cooling running automatically when case > 55°C.

Tube Material

High purity Quartz tube

OD60*1000mm Length

Heating elementFe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Working Temp.

Max. Heating Temp.: 1200°C

Continuous Working Temp.: 1100°C

Heat-up RateHeat-up rate: 1~20°C/min programmable
Heating Zone Length220+220mm
Temp. Control
  • PID automatic control with 30 steps programmable segments.

  • Temperature accuracy: ±1°C

  • Thermocouple: K type built inside the furnace

Vacuum Sealstainless steel vacuum flange
Volume Flow Rate

Nitrogen   N2     33 L/s

Helium      He     39 L/s   (2340L/minute)

Hydrogen H2   32 L/s

WarrantyOne year limited warranty with lifetime support (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, O-rings are not covered by the warranty)

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