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120L/min Oil Free Vacuum Pump - OFP-14

Product Description

The 120L/min oil free vacuum pump is suitable for MSK-AFA-I automatic coating machine, MSK-AFA-II-VC automatic coating machine, MSK-AFA-III small cast automatic drying coating machine, MSK-AFA-L800 cast coating machine in It is used when vacuum suction is used to fix the substrate during coating.

Technical Parameter

Model No.:OFP-14
Voltage220 VAC 50/60Hz
Power (Watt)≤450W
Max. Air Flow≤7.2m^3/h (120L/min)
Vacuum80~100 torr (10665.8~13332.2 Pa)
Noise Level≤60dB(A)
Cold Insulation Resistance≥100MΩ
Production Dimension290 L x 210 W x 213 H (mm)

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