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40KHz Plasma Cleaner CH-MF150

Product Description

Chuanghe Laboratory Plasma Cleaner divided into two types, atmospheric and vacuum; it is widely used in semi-conductor, PCB, medical diagnosis, elastomer industry, optical industry,etc.

Our RF generator has 40KHz, 13.56Mhz, 20MHz,according to the usage, can choose the suitable RF Power. Our standard chamber capacity has 2L, 5L,10L which used in laboratory. Basing on different industry, we can do customized chamber dimension with requested RF power.


1. Ultra-cleaning of organic pollutants (such as paraffin, oil, release agent, protein, etc.) on metal, glass, silicon wafer, ceramic, plastic, and polymer surfaces.

2. Change the performance of certain material surfaces.

3. Activate the surface of glass, plastic, ceramics, etc. to enhance the adhesion, compatibility and wettability of these materials.

4. Remove the oxide layer on the surface of the metal material.

5. Disinfect and sterilize the object to be cleaned.

Technical Parameter

Model No.CH-MF150
Chamber MaterialQuartz Tube
Chamber Size¢150*250mm
Chamber Capacity4L
Power SupplyAC220V,50Hz
Vacuum GaugeDigital Gauge
Frequency40KHz (13.56MHz for optional)
Coupled ModeCondenser Coupling,without pollute sample 
RF Power500w optional
RF offset<0.2KHz
Characteristic impedance50Ω,automatic matching
Vacuum RangeLimited 5Pa
Gas Speed

Two way float flow gas control

60-600ml/min, adjustable

Pressure Gauge
A simple digital pressure gauge is equipped for reading
Vacuum PumpVRD-8
Rated Power1500W

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